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I have had Great Danes for 30+ years. They are my heart breed. All of my Danes have lived past 12 years old. I believe that excellent care and excellent genetics are crucial to their longevity.....with those senior years being quality not quantity. I believe in obedience training and socialization to help my puppy grow up to be a well rounded, confident dog. In 2019 I was first introduced to showing in rally and obedience. My current Danes have done extremely well, usually ranked in the top 20 by AKC. I've recently expanded into FastCat and Barnhunt. My youngest Dane is currently the #1 Dane in FastCat and moving up the ranks in Barnhunt. I have a professional trainer as my mentor and she has been a God send, helping me discover that my 20+ years of training and showing Quarter horses, Arabians, and Belgians can easily be applied to my Great Danes! My dogs live in my home with me. They sleep with me. They are my four legged children. I will be considering a new puppy.....probably in a few years.


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