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Thinking that you may want to try showing? Not sure where to start? Please contact us about a potential show puppy! We love working with and mentoring new people in the breed!!


         Not every dog in a litter is going to be a show dog. There are many factors that play into the creation of a show dog, and more times than not, it literally takes a village!! We start with a puppy that comes from carefully selected parents to produce a dog that we believe will be competitive in structure to its peers. We begin evaluating puppies at  4 weeks old! This allows us to track the progression of growth for each puppy to determine which puppies consistently display characteristics that we desire to move forward within our breeding program. So, essentially, we breed for ourselves first! From the remaining puppies, we decide, based on structure, color, and temperament which puppies would be best in a show home. 

       We are actively involved in AKC conformation. This allows our dogs to be shown in front of judges that are considered experts of our breed to judge how closely they conform to our written standard (link below). It isn't really a competition based on performance (although a lot of training is involved), but based on their structure. Each breed within the AKC has a blueprint of what each breed should look like, as well as their temperament and movement. For us, breeding dogs is not just to have cute puppies, but to produce a fantastic representation of the breed. We strive to preserve strong great dane type and temperament through very selective breeding practices. 


       Although we make sure to do everything in our power to start with a great puppy, of excellent conformation and temperament, show dogs are socialized and trained to be able to perform in any circumstance. It takes time to "grow a show puppy". Training, socialization, exercise, and a great diet are imperative to the success of the future of your show puppy. We are right there literally week by week, helping every step of the way to make sure that you have the best experience and support necessary to ensure the best outcomes!!


The Great Dane Club of America Written Standard


AKC Conformation Information

puppy culture for show dogs!!!

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